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IVY from GoMoment

Meet IVY the world's first intelligent texting guest engagement service for hotels.

Created by Go Moment and powered by IBM Watson's artificial intelligence technology, Ivy communicates with hotel guests via text messaging (no app) to:

  • Address routine questions automatically while routing service issues and requests to the right staff for improved efficiency and delighted guests
  • Identify unhappy guests in real time and alert staff for immediate guest service recovery - positively impacting post-stay reviews
  • Increase revenue by offering enchanced services automatically.

Watch the video for more information.

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OCCTRACK, the essential reportinLinkg add-on utility for HOST

OCCTRACK is a data warehouse extracted from HOST and automatically maintained on a daily basis.  It is a data table with one record per occupied room night. I combines all reservation history, current, past, future. The table corrects for shares and suites.

We have used this table to create ONECLICK our newest application that organizes on the books data into a spreadsheet showing up to six months of future reservations broken down on a day to day basis by market, room type or source. Every installation of ONECLICK is customized to meet the client's requirements.  It should be the basis of every rate setting meeting. Here are some examples:

How it works

Example with dates as column entries

Examples with dates as row entries

Four month forecast with budget comparisons

How to predict the future

We are happy to recommend software that we use and have found to be valuable.
PDFExplode  Allows you to "burst" reports into separate *.pdf files, one for each group.