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Custom Reports & Services

 Custom Reports and Consulting Services

Everyone wants a cost effective solution for those times when you need outside expertise in developing a custom report. We have been working with companies to turn their data into information since 1989. And now you can get what you need for projects large and small.

Our engagements are for as little as 3 hours. So whether your organization requires management level reports from Crystal Reports or you need a special report from your SMS|HOST system or the DESCO ESC system, we can give you the professional expertise you need.


3 Hour Minimum @ $180 per hour
10 Hour Block @ $150 per hour
All block time purchases must be paid in advance. Unused time expires one year after purchase.

Unlimited Monthly Support Contracts - Starting at $500 per month

The following are proprietary report templates developed by Hammerman Associates Inc. for SMS|HOST users. These templates will significantly reduce the amount of time needed to customize your reports. You'll realize significant cost savings as a result.

One-Click Revenue and Occupancy Forecasting 

The one-click forecast report provides all the essential information you need to accurately forecast revenue and occupancy.


NormalBlocks is a program that “normalizes” four complex tables in the HOST system related to group bookings. It is used by advanced report writers to determine group pickups, occupancy and availability.


LostBiz provides a day-by-day report showing refusals and the reasons for the refusal as registered in the PAR-SMS HOST system


HOSTExport automatically exports selected guest attributed from the HOST system to a third party on a daily or weekly basis without any user intervention. It is typically used by properties that use a third party survey firm to ascertain guest satisfaction with their stay.


Has this happened to you? You have developed (or had someone develop) a killer report and you find that you are running it every day. Perhaps you are printing it.  Perhaps you are exporting to a *.CSV file. But everyday you need to get into R&R, find the report, and run it. Too many keystrokes! Too much to remember!  RunMyReportNow is a simple program that creates a desktop shortcut that will run the with less than 5 keystrokes.  Cost: $99.

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